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Off-set Printer to continuous forms
 (pack to pack).
This equipment was projected
to small and medium sizes,
and all operational aspects was considerated
in this project, so this machine
offers high cost/benefit relation.

Main Characteristics
Variable impression formats 7 1/3", 8", 8 1/2", 8 2/3",
11", 12" and 13".
And other adjustable formats (increment 1/6")
Maximum impression area width
16,7" (424mm).
Closure Impression Area
Head 1/4";Feet 1/4"
Maximum papper width 17,3" (439mm).
Minimum papper width 2,56" (62mm).
Papper types roled, Super bonder,
Auto-copy and Adhesived Labels.
Impression Plate dimensions
375mm x 438mm x 0.15mm.
Blanquet dimensions 370mm x 440mm x 1,98mm
Impression Speed until 8.000 impressions per hour
Ink Distribuiton System 10 rollers per Impression Unit

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